About Ron Ford

The commercialization of digital video gear in the mid-to-late 1990s began a revolution of filmmaking upstarts like myself who had the hubris to challenge the reigning gods of mainstream cinema with our home-made, no-budget movies. And somehow, we succeeded – to a degree. For a while. Briefly, we plucky cineastes contributed content to the Sacred Shelves at Blockbuster and Hollywood Video.

This blog celebrates that time, and those enthusiastic, undisciplined pioneers of independent cinema.

My name is Ron Ford. I am an actor, writer, director and producer with more than two dozen credits listed on my IMDb page. I was part of that group of pioneers in the late ’90s, making movies on video tape for less money than you’d spend on a really, really, really, really bad used car – and getting them distributed throughout the world.

I am living in Spokane, Washington now, making short films and trying to spend as much time on the stage as I possibly can.

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